Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining our community as an intern.

An opportunity to work closely with our promising startups will provide both an insight into startup's whole business processes as well as various practical experience that classrooms cannot offer. We believe that the best way to learn about business is to interact, work, and learn from motivated people through real work and problems. Our core priority is not only the success of our member ventures but also the valuable experience that interns shall get to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Cindy Huang

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I am in Japan for about 10 months as part of the Australian Government New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program. As part of this, I have recently completed a semester exchange at Waseda University in the School of Commerce. Back in Australia, I am a 3rd Year student at Macquarie University, studying a Bachelor of Arts (Japanese Studies) and Bachelor of Law.

Technology, innovation, startups, painting, reading, volunteering, entrepreneurship and youth leadership

One aspect of the scholarship that I am receiving involves the opportunity to intern in the country. As such, knowing that I was interested in the Japanese startup space, I did some research online and came across J-Seed Ventures and Venture Generation.

I believe diversity is key to innovation, and there is no doubt that Venture Generation is a space that fosters and thrives on these ideas. For me, being part of Venture Generation offers me a valuable insight into the Japanese Startup economy, and to learn about startups and entrepreneurship from very experienced co-workers in a dynamic and engaging environment. As an individual that is definitely looking to dive head long into the Startup scene upon returning to Sydney, my internship at Venture Generation offers me a chance to develop and identify key areas of my personal and professional character and skill sets that are necessary in order for me to succeed in an entrepreneurial career.

To keep it simple, 3 things; I want to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset, a critical understanding of failure and success in startups and continuously challenge myself to take innovative and effective actions to the countless opportunity made available by my internship experience at Venture Generation.