Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining our community as an intern.

An opportunity to work closely with our promising startups will provide both an insight into startup's whole business processes as well as various practical experience that classrooms cannot offer. We believe that the best way to learn about business is to interact, work, and learn from motivated people through real work and problems. Our core priority is not only the success of our member ventures but also the valuable experience that interns shall get to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Yvonne Lim Yuan Xi

I am a double degree undergraduate at Waseda University and National University of Singapore, majoring in economics. I am born and raised in Singapore.

Business, technology, jazz, food

I met Mr. Jeffrey Char at a speech he was giving. I went up to him after his speech, asked for an internship and was soon given one!
Jeffery Charさんの講演を拝聴する機会があり、講演後に彼にインターン生として働けるようお願いしたところ、すぐにお返事を頂くことができました。

At first, I just wanted to try something new, but then I kept showing up at VG, because its fun. Everyone is smart, friendly and willing to teach and learn. It is a very encouraging environment for students and young people still learning how they want to contribute to the world. VG spoils us because we realize that work can be fun, and we can choose to do work that is fun.
初めは興味本位でいましたが、VGでインターンを続けているうちに、それにのめり込んで行きました。VGで働く方々、インターン生を含め、皆非常にスマー トで、フレンドリーであり、好奇心旺盛です。VGは学生の方や、若い方、特にどのように社会に貢献するかを未だ決めかねている人には非常に恵まれた環境が 整っていると思います。VGである教訓を得ました。それは、仕事することは非常に楽しいということ。また、私達は自分にとって楽しいと思う仕事を選べると いうことです。

I want to learn how to be formidable, like many of the members of the VG community. Coming to VG had taught me that while we may not be naturally good at something, we can all learn to be good at it. In return, I try to be helpful and bring positive energy (and chocolates) to the office!
どのようにしたら、VGではたらく皆さんのように強靭な起業家になれるかということを学びたいです。 VGで私は、もともと得意では無いけれども、それを自分の得意なことにすることが可能であるということを教わりました。 その代わりに、私は力になれる限りで仕事をこなし、オフィスでは明るいムード(とチョコレート)を持たらせるよう努めています。