Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining our community as an intern.

An opportunity to work closely with our promising startups will provide both an insight into startup's whole business processes as well as various practical experience that classrooms cannot offer. We believe that the best way to learn about business is to interact, work, and learn from motivated people through real work and problems. Our core priority is not only the success of our member ventures but also the valuable experience that interns shall get to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Amanda Parks (アマンダ・パークス)

I studied a Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Japanese at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia and spent a year studying Japanese on exchange at Tokyo Metropolitan University. I am currently in Japan on an Australian government scholarship and will intern at Venture Generation for the next 6 months.
西オーストラリアのECU大学でビジネスマーケティングと日本語を勉強して、1年間首都大学東京で留学生として日本語を勉強しました。現在、オーストラリア政府奨学金で6ヶ月間Venture Generationでインターンしています。

The Internet, social media & guerilla marketing, branding, small business, good food and wine

I was looking for a marketing or small business related internship in Tokyo and stumbled upon Venture Generation's internship program.
マーケティングや中小企業と関係あるインターンシップを探していて、Venture Generationのインターンシッププログラムを見つけました。

I think startup companies are really interesting and exciting because they drive innovation and create new markets. I chose Venture Generation because they provide advice and support these kinds of businesses and also work to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in Japanese young people.
革新を後押し、新市場を作り出すスタートアップ企業が面白くて刺激的だと思います。Venture Generationはスタートアップに助言して支援し、日本人の若者に起業家精神を育てるようにしています。

I hope that I can get to know the venture companies here and create something of use to them and future startups. I look forward to learning more about what it takes to develop, launch and maintain a successful product or service. On a personal level, I hope that I will develop new skills, learn more about myself and come up with ideas for starting a new business.
Venture Generationのベンチャー企業を知っていて、役に立ちたいと思います。成功した商品やサービスの発達、発売、維持することについて学ぶのを楽しみにしています。個人的には、新しい技術を習得し、自分自身について学び、新しいビジネスのアイディアを考え出したいと思います。