Please e-mail us if you are interested in joining our community as an intern.

An opportunity to work closely with our promising startups will provide both an insight into startup's whole business processes as well as various practical experience that classrooms cannot offer. We believe that the best way to learn about business is to interact, work, and learn from motivated people through real work and problems. Our core priority is not only the success of our member ventures but also the valuable experience that interns shall get to become successful entrepreneurs in the future.

Vitavin Ittipanuvat


I received my bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand before coming to Japan as a Japanese government scholar. Currently I am studying my master's degree in Management of Technology at the University of Tokyo.


Social venture, IT venture, and management consulting

1) How do you know VG?

I helped running Akamon Entrepreneurship Club in Todai and got to know about VG from the annual meeting event, as VG's Chief Mentor has been one of the club's advisory board since its foundation.

2) Why VG?

Though my background is mainly in IT and technology management, I am more interested in social work and entrepreneurship. I believe that instead of just waiting for donation, running a business with real profit is a more sustainable way to help the society and particularly with bigger impact. Working with real entrepreneurs and startup people is one the best way to learn about business.

3) What did you do here?

I normally come four days a week, helping on various things including preparing documents, attending some meetings, and organizing business-related events such as seminars and networking event. I also helped coordinating one project organized by a number of university students called "Connect the Dots", which aims to educate and promote entrepreneurship to students in Japan through intensive seminar and business model competition focusing on social service sector.Once a week I have a feedback session from the Chief Mentor to make sure I am able to keep developing myself.

4) What have you learnt?

Everything I've done here is my lesson. I got to know lots of inspiring people from many different backgrounds and learnt that one of the key elements in building a successful venture is a strong network of people, not only for collaboration but also to keep you motivated and filled with fresh ideas. When you're in school you studied a lot about business but never had any idea of how things should be done, but putting yourself among startup people gives you a very good insight on every aspect of business from the start since you can see the real challenges that actually happen.